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What is is a machine learning and artificial intelligence platform that specializes in connecting to a machine, ingesting data, and analyzing that data to create machine learning models. These algorithms can be used for applications such as predictive maintenance and optimization. SORBA can then take the outputs from these models and feed them back into your machine in order to improve the machine’s performance.

What level of experience do I need to understand this course?

No prior knowledge of SORBA is required in order to understand this course. If you have a basic understanding of computer technology, you should be able to follow the courses. Some knowledge regarding industrial machines and their communication protocols is helpful to understand some of the concepts presented but this is not necessary for comprehension.

How can I use this course?

If you are not already familiar with,A it is recommended that you watch all the videos in order to fully understand the capabilities of the software. However, if you already have some familiarity with the software, you can simply access the video topic that is most relevant to the question you are trying to answer. After the introduction course, the IOT Unified course will teach you how to navigate through the core portions of the platform including the Workspace as well as some of the tools that can be used to visualize and analyze your data. The ML Trainer course will teach you how to utilize the machine learning aspects of the software. The OEE course will teach you how to utilize the OEE add-on to

Where can I go if I have more questions?

If you have questions that go beyond the scope of the course you can find more resources on our website, or you can go to the “Talk to an Expert” section to schedule time to speak with one of our SORBA experts. You can also use the assistant tool on the website to contact us.

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