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You can rewatch all of our previously recorded webinars. All of our webinars offer a succinct yet comprehensive overview of various topics relating to the platform. Ideal for engineers and data enthusiasts, this module covers key topics like Refrigeration APC demonstrations, Predictive Maintenance strategies, and Machine Learning Basics. Delivered by experts, each session combines theoretical insights with practical examples, equipping attendees with the skills to implement AI solutions in industrial settings. Perfect for a knowledge base platform, these webinars provide a quick, in-depth understanding of complex AI systems in the industrial domain.

Lesson List

  1. Introduction to Machine Learning For Fault Finders- Machine Learning 101, Learn the basics and how it is used for fault finding.
  2. Refrigeration APC Webinar- In this previously recorded webinar, Dr Carlos Fernandez-Aballi, demonstrates the process for implementing an ML optimization solution in an industrial refrigeration system
  3. Optimizing Beer Production- Learn how our Advanced Process Control (APC) solution enables real-time system adjustments for optimal beer production.
  4. Automate Your PdM Applications [Part 1]- In this previously recorded webinar, our AI Solution Architect, Logan Kraus, shows you how to automate your PdM Applications using clustering models.
  5. Classifying Failure Modes + Wastewater Demo [Part 2]- This is part 2 of "Automate your PdM Applications" using
  6. Redefining Quality Control- Learn how to utilize AI-powered quality inspections, reduce costs via Automation, have faster processes, and enforce proactive maintenance (leverage data analytics to foresee and prevent potential issues).

Instructors / Speakers

Carlos Fernandez-Aballi, Ph.D
Energy & Fluids Architect
Logan Kraus
AI Solution Architect
Peter Horsburgh
APAC Managing Director

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