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This course focuses on the Overall Equipment Effectiveness application which is an optional add-on application to the SORBA platform. In this course you will learn the metrics that are used in this application, the ways in which you can customize the application, and how to configure your OEE project. You will also learn the visualization and reporting tools that are available within this application.

Lesson List

  1. OEE Introduction - This video goes over the basics of the SORBA architecture as it relates to OEE as well as the benefits of integrating artificial intelligence into an OEE analysis. This video also looks at what factors differentiate the OEE tool within SORBA.
  2. Part 1 - In this video you will learn how to create an asset, group, OEE tag structure in order to start an OEE project within SORBA.
  3. Part 2 - Here we will go over how to access the OEE application and the standard dashboard provided within the application. We will also go over some of the common metrics provided on this dashboard.
  4. Part 3 - This video goes over how to configure a shift schedule within the OEE application.
  5. Part 4 - In this video you will learn how to configure events within the OEE application. We cover common events and how to create, edit, and delete events.
  6. Part 5 - Reason codes are a post-event description that can provide additional information and context to an event. This video covers how to add in reason codes within the OEE application.
  7. Part 6 - This video covers the communication between the OEE application and the other parts of SORBA. You will see how to verify the functionality of your OEE application through comparison to the IoT workspace as well as the data view tool. We also can begin to see the visualization tools that are available within the OEE application.
  8. Part 7 - In this video you can see more practically how to visualize events and how to add reason codes when events occur.
  9. Part 8 - Here we cover how to create different event categories and shifts within the OEE application. In this video we also discuss how the artificial intelligence tools within SORBA can be used with the metrics from the OEE application to improve production.

Instructors / Speakers

Aldo Ferrante
Chief Innovative Officer
Yandy Perez, Ph.D.
Chief Executive Officer
Logan Kraus
AI Solution Architect

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